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Sing A Long to your favorite song


Hey kids do you sing to your Ipod or mp3 player in your room? Hey moms and dads do you hear your kids singing their hearts out behind closed doors?  Have you ever dreamed of creating your own CD so you can hear yourself over and over like a professional?


Be Your Own Star at Strong Side Studios offers a Sing A Long Club were you and your friends can sing a long to your favorite songs. You can sing solo, duets or with a group. Whether you take the 6 week, 8 week or 10 week package, you will record 1 song each week and on the last week receive your own personal CD of your favorite hits sung by you.


Record weekly, meet new friends or join with your own friends to rock out to hours of fun.


Strong Side Studios’ Be Your Own Star division is the place where STARS are found.