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Recording Studio Girl Scout Dive Experience


A Unique singing event at an actual vocal recording studio, including a couple of hours of fun & singing. This special event is fun for every Girl Scout Troop from Girl Scout Daises to Ambassadors. The special recording studio experience includes singing in our booth at Strong Side Studios. Songs are sung to an actual track of one’s favorite song. And the participant’s vocal talents are recorded. The vocals are engineered so that the participant’s voice is the lead vocal on the recording.


Recordings can be solos, duets or small groups. At the end, all participants will receive a copy of the CD with the songs on it, which will serve as serve as a souvenir of the day.  A CD jewel case is included. Other UNIQUE packages are available. We offer special Girl Scout Troop discounts. Call for details!



Fulfills some requirements for the following:


Brownie-“Making Music” Try-it

Junior-“Music Fan” Badge

Cadette, Senior and Ambassador “On a High Note”

Interest Project




Cost : $25.00/girl


Minimum 10 girls- $100 deposit needed