Strong Side Studios & Be Your Own Star where everyone is a STAR


Be Your Own Star is birthday/activity event venue that is held at an actual vocal recording studio. We are able to conduct parties/activities for kids or anyone wanting to be their Own Star. The target market is KIDS KIDS KIDS...oh and of course their parents. The events works as follows the kids are able to sing in an actual recording booth at Strong Side Studios. Then the songs are digitally saved and all songs are transferred onto CD's The concept consists of several hours of fun, singing, dancing, artists & crafts etc. At the end of the party all participants (party goers) will receive a copy of the CD (they recorded) with all the songs on it. The CD will have birthday graphics and be placed in a CD jewel case that would have been decorated by the partygoers. WAIT.... we are not done yet. There are other UNIQUE party packages that will make a Child's birthday VERY Special. We offer a total of FIVE unique party packages ranging from recording a song/rap in a actual recording sound booth to becoming the video star of your own green screen video.

Be Your Own Star was created for a unique birthday party experience but has grown and developed into a UNIQUE recording studio experience for ALL occasions. Groups such as; Camps, Girl Scout troops, adult parties (office parties, ladies or guys night out)  just to name a few, can be their Own Star.

The goal of Strong Side Studios’ Be Your Own Star division is to have all the available studio space used for the parties first and foremost but to also let it blossom into a GREAT space for creativity and motivation. Thinking out of the box the dance floor space can be used for HIP HOP Dance, Teen Parties/Teen Performances, Fashion Shows Yoga, Mommy & Me, Ladies Nights/Guys Nights, Office Parties, Exercise classes etc the list and possibilities are endless.

Be Your Own Star's mission is to leave NO stone unturned and no activity left behind. As long as the activities or events are motivating and/or enhances the Strong Side foundation that began over 7 years ago and has now expanded to include the Be Your Own Star party division.

Keep in mind that even in a rough economy people need an escape from the hard times and will always find a way for their kids to shine and that's where  BE YOUR OWN STAR steps in with its parties, activities and programs.

“Build it and they will come”